Access to Art and Culture for All, an Action Programme for 2006-2010

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Helsinki, 13 March, 2006 — Finland's Ministry of Education devised its action programme on Access to Art and Culture for All (2006-2010) in order to improve the accessibility of arts and culture overall, with special emphasis on safeguarding the cultural rights of cultural minorities and people with disabilities. The programme contains measures which the Ministry will implement by 2010. Some of the measures can be financed by the reallocation of existing appropriations, while others require an increase in resources from the 2005 level.

It is important that art and cultural institutions, other actors in the cultural field, notably the regional and local cultural administrations, review their own practices in terms of easy access. They need to assess the accessibility of their provision and devise plans for improvements. The Ministry of Education promotes the accessibility of arts and culture primarily by means of information-based guidance, resource allocation, and performance management in its sector. In addition to this, the Ministry can regularly monitor progress in accessibility and equal access in art and cultural institutions.

The Ministry's aim is to make gradual increments in resources earmarked for supporting cultural activities provided by disability organisations, promoting access to culture, enhancing multiculturalism, combatting racism, and supporting the indigenous Saami culture. In addition, the Ministry grants discretionary subsidies to the sign-language theatre and for the publication of easy-to-read literature.

The continuation of the Culture for All advisory service will be secured through financial support, because easy access to culture for all requires raising the awareness of art and culture providers and building up their knowledge about accessibility.

In the arts council system, special attention will be paid to accessibility expertise in recruitment and accessibility training for the members of the arts councils.

The Ministry of Education will appoint a new advisory body focusing on access to culture. It will continue the work of the Disabilities and Culture Committee in enhancing access to culture by means of information, different events and training. In 2011 the Ministry will review the implementation of the Access to Art and Culture for All programme and make an impact analysis, which will form the basis of further action.

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Senior Advisor Mervi Tiensuu-Nylund
tel. (09) 160 77266

Planning Officer Mikko CortÚs TÚllez
tel. (09) 160 77022

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