Finland: Study on the use of the Internet

eBusiness news

Helsinki, 22 February, 2006 — According to the Finnish Government's information society study, 92% of Finns consider online banking safe, and 65% consider using a credit card to pay for Finnish online services safe, while less than 30% trust international services.

According to the study, Internet subscriptions and services do not include suitable and motivating alternatives for all age groups. On the other hand, the aged population has started to use the Internet more regularly in the past 12 months, and the time spent on the Internet has more than doubled.

The Internet is most often used at home, but also use at a friends house, at work or at school has increased, while the use of public user points such as the library has remained unchanged.

According to studies, 75% of Finns use the Internet, and the average time spent on the Internet is 7.8 hours a week. There were no differences between men and women. People's use of the Internet in their free time has increased from the autumn of 2004 in all age groups, and services that are available through the Internet are considered more and more necessary. The number of new users has increased slowly, however.

The popularity of text messages continues to increase, but the number of people who use additional mobile services has not changed significantly.