eTampere Builds the Well-being of the Future

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Helsinki, 21 July, 2005 — eTampere Builds the Well-being of the Future

eTampere programme’s general objective is to make the city of Tampere, Finland a global leader in the research, development, and application of issues related to the Knowledge Society. The starting point of the programme is to develop a sustainable knowledge society that supports active citizenship and innovative business.

eTampere is an extensive collaborate project to which the local educational and research institutes, businesses, government, organisations, and communities contribute their own expertise and input.

The eTampere programme consists of six independently operating sub-programmes: Information Society Institute (ISI), eBusiness Research Center (eBRC), Research and Evaluation Laboratory (RELab), eAccelerator, Technology Engine Programmes, and Infocity. The entire programme is coordinated by the eTampere office.

eTampere consentrates on three themes:
1) Network services that ease citizens’ daily lives are developed and brought within the reach of everyone
2) The foundation of expertise in research and education is strengthened
3) New innovative business is created.

Among the eTampere areas of emphasis are:

Company cooperation and e-business

eAccelerator strengthens cooperation particularly with medium-sized growth companies that have a strong link to industry
- A new model for capital investor cooperation, the ‘from idea to international success’ concept, a financial and account management tool for growth companies, an expert pool in different areas of business

eBRC is a strong research centre and development programme seeking to understand business in knowledge society
- Business development, knowledge management, strategy forming in the knowledge society
- eSME service to facilitate the adoption of e-business in SMEs
- Venture – to – Capital (V2C)

Infocity focuses increasingly strongly on supporting the multi-channel development of public service processes
- Internet, mobile phones, digital TV
- on-line self-services
- new forms of eDemocracy
- access and training

Transfer of research knowledge into product development, products and services

RELab focuses on the development of industrial service-oriented products and business, and the transfer of research results to companies and communities
-through a development centre for service-oriented industrial business, companies in the region find practical answers to key factors for success in the world of service-oriented products

Technology Engines focus on the application of new technology and the utilization of research results in companies
-the Optoelectronics training and research centre is one example: SMEs, too, get access to the latest research knowledge, measuring services and training, increasingly efficiently and economically

ISI promotes the construction of a knowledge society based on active citizenship through multidisciplinary research, development and educational activities.

Ulla Hartikainen

The article is published in ICT Cluster Finland Review 2005.

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