Saunalahti ADSL Broadband's Area of Availability Expands Significantly

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Helsinki, 27 February, 2006 — The area of availability of Saunalahti ADSL broadband subscriptions has expanded and covers now almost all of Finland. Previously, Saunalahti broadband has been available mainly in largest towns and their environs.

”The deepened co-operation with Saunalahti’s parent company Elisa has enabled the expansion of Saunalahti subscriptions’ area of availability. We have received plenty of queries and requests from our customers particularly regarding the expansion of the area of availability of broadband subscriptions to new areas. This opens up new possibilities for Saunalahti within the broadband market. As the price competition continues to be strong, Saunalahti focuses on high-quality connections and progressive additional services in broadband also in the future,” says Sami Lumpola, Product Manager of Saunalahti.

“Our objective is to offer services at least as inexpensively as other operators. However, as a quick and swift operator we are able to launch solutions and services that differ from others as well as bring added value to the user. IP calls are a good example of such value-added services,” continues Lumpola.

The prices and connection speeds of Saunalahti ADSL subscriptions differ according to each region. The lowest monthly fee of a subscription is EUR 17.90 (256/256 kbit/s) and the fastest subscriptions obtain a speed of 24 Mbit/s. Saunalahti offers also an inexpensive installation package that makes it easier to start using a broadband subscription. The package includes a wireless terminal and setup of the connection.

Saunalahti Group Oyj offers Internet and telecommunications services in Finland for consumer customers under the brand name Saunalahti and for corporate customers under the brand name EUnet Finland.

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