A long-Term Roadmap for Computational Science in Finland Needed

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Helsinki, 21 March, 2006 — A long-Term Roadmap for Computational Science in Finland Needed

The Finnish research community needs to collaborate to strengthen computational science especially in cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research.

“There should be a clear long-term roadmap on developing the expertise and the needed infrastructure on the national and international level so that Finland can make an impact in helping to solve the big research problems of the future,” said Juha Haataja, CSC's Scientific Director to an audience of well over 50 computational scientists gathered together in Espoo on March 21 to participate the cross-disciplinary seminar Computational Science Crossing the Disciplines.

The seminar was targeted to academic researchers, with the aim of discussing the possibilities and future demands set for computational science. These include compute-intensive fields as Earth System Sciences as well as nanoscience, but also the expectations of the wet lab biologist. Said Professor Gunnar von Heijne from Stockholm University: “The computational biologist is dependent on the data generated by the lab biologist, or pippetteer. To really push science, the computational scientist should get into the lab, where the data is generated. ” And vice versa, as was reminded from the audience after von Heijne's keynote speech.

Even in the field of truly cross-disciplinary nanoscience, Professor Karsten Jacobsen from the Technical University of Denmark, reminded the audience that computations are needed for example in the interpretation of experimental data. This was the case with molybdenum disulfide, where a glowing brim observed in the data was explained by calculating the differences in the electron properties.

The results of this seminar will be discussed in a follow-up seminar organized by CSC on May 11 in Espoo. This seminar, Research challenges for IT infrastructures, is hoped to attract research funding organizations and science policy-makers to discuss the demands set for both national and international large-scale research infrastructures.

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