The Nordic Recipe for Global Success

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Helsinki, 14 October, 2005 — The Nordic Recipe for Global Success

Until now, The Nordic countries have been very successful in meeting the global challenges and take advantage of the global opportunities. However, to keep their leading positions in the global arena, Nordic countries must continuously evaluate and adjust policies to flexible, global knowledge based economies.

Hence, Nordic countries urgently need to reform a number of structural conditions for company growth and value creation in order to stay competitive and become global winners.

These are the main conclusions in a new report "The Nordic Recipe for Global Success", which has been prepared by the Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic business federations. The report gives an overview of the major challenges for the Nordic countries and presents some facts and guidelines for how to embrace the opportunities of globalisation.

The report, availbale in pdf form, was presented 13th October 2005 in Brussels.

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