Johnson & Johnson to Start Electronic Invoicing with Elma Electronic Trading in Finland and Denmark

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Helsinki, 24 March, 2006 — Johnson & Johnson to Start Electronic Invoicing with Elma Electronic Trading in Finland and Denmark

Elma Electronic Trading provides Johnson & Johnson with a channel for electronic invoicing in Finland and Denmark, and the service is to be expanded during 2006 to include Norway and Sweden. The announcement by the Danish state in 2005, that it will only accept electronic invoices from its suppliers, speeded up the implementation of e-invoicing at Johnson & Johnson.

Ms Kati Roiha, Logistics Manager at Johnson & Johnson Finland, is pleased that the company had had experience of electronic invoicing in Finland prior to Denmark making its demand for electronic invoices. Johnson & Johnson already had the facilities in place to send e-invoices to its Danish customers, mainly hospitals.

Johnson & Johnson has positive experiences of implementing e-invoicing, which has been well received both in Denmark and in Finland. The implementation of e-invoicing in Norway and Sweden has been delayed due to the lack of uniform standards, but the company will switch to e-invoicing in these countries in 2006.

"We chose Elma as our e-invoicing service provider because the company can provide us with services in all Nordic countries. Elma has comprehensive experience of the Nordic markets and it can provide us with a single invoicing channel to transfer all our invoices electronically. Elma channels paper invoices to Itella’s printing services for printing," says Roiha.

In Denmark, about 85% of Johnson & Johnson’s sales invoices are e-invoices. In Finland, the corresponding figure is some 30%.

"Finnish hospitals with the facilities to receive e-invoices get about 20% of their purchase invoices in electronic format at the moment, and the proportion continues to grow. E-invoicing brings significant cost savings for the hospitals, as they receive their invoices from several sectors and suppliers. The invoice approval process, i.e. the circulation of invoices within various departments of a hospital, speeds up, invoices do not get lost and they can avoid unnecessary enquiries and penalty interest."

For further information, please contact:
Kati Roiha, Logistics Manager, Johnson & Johnson Finland
tel. +358 9 5760 6621

Sami Seikkula, Sales Director, Elma Electronic Trading
tel. +358 9 4785 5626

Elma Electronic Trading is the leading service provider for electronic B2B commerce in the Nordic region. The company’s products and services also facilitate electronic transactions with public authorities. Elma’s e-commerce and eGovernment services provide complete maintenance and continuous monitoring of its systems. The customer has no need to invest in hardware or software, or incur related maintenance costs. Elma, a subsidiary of Finland Post Corporation, is part of its information logistics group, Itella, with operations in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, as well as Finland.

Johnson & Johnson, through its operating companies, is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets. The more than 200 Johnson & Johnson operating companies employ approximately 115,600 men and women in 57 countries and sell products throughout the world. The fundamental objective of Johnson & Johnson is to provide scientifically sound, high quality products and services to help heal, cure disease and improve the quality of life. This is a goal that began with the Company's founding in 1886. Johnson & Johnson AB in the Nordic and Baltic Countries: The first Nordic company was established in 1956. The head office of JOHNSON & JOHNSON AB is in Sollentuna, Sweden, just outside Stockholm. JOHNSON & JOHNSON AB has branches and subsidiaries in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

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