Finland:Data security problem in Ministry mobile phones

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Helsinki, 15 February, 2006 — In Finland, a serious data security problem has been discovered in the Ministry of the Interior. As a result, unauthorised listening of the mobile phones of thousands of employees is possible. The Ministry has informed employees that mobile phones should not be used for confidential calls or to send confidential material. The announcement concerns over 7,000 employees with telecom group TeliaSonera's subscriptions. The problem concerns, for example, employees in the police and rescue forces, emergency services, the Border Guard, the Directorate of Immigration, the Population Register Centre, and employees within the Ministry of the Interior itself. According to the Ministry, the reason for the data security problem lies with TeliaSonera.

According to TeliaSonera Finland, no technical data security problem has been found, and the fault cannot be found in the network or services. The company has contacted the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, and based on these discussions, is able to say there is no reason to suspect any data security risks in TeliaSonera's subscriptions or networks.