Seminar on Computational Science Crossing the Disciplines in Keilaniemi, Finland

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Helsinki, 10 March, 2006 — CSC, the Finnish IT center for science, invites the scientific community to take part in this cross-disciplinary seminar on March 21st, 2006 which aims to generate discussion about the possibilities and needs of computational science. The seminar is targeted to academic researchers at universities and research institutions.

Computational science is needed to solve complex scientific problems in all areas of research, for example in biotechnology, Earth sciences, and nanosciences. Recent advances in IT technology for science make it possible to model and analyze previously intractable problems. The need to develop computational science in Finland should be acknowledged so that the competitiveness of the research community can be maintained.

The keynote speakers are:

* Prof. Gunnar von Heijne, Stockholm University
* Prof. Karsten Jacobsen, Technical University of Denmark
* Prof. Heikki Mannila, University of Helsinki

Registration and more information at CSC www site. The seminar is free of charge.

Contacts at CSC:
Juha Haataja, phone: 050 3819 529
and Atte Sillanpää, phone: 050 3819 700
email addresses: first name.last name at

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