Trade Union of Education in Finland and SysOpen Digia as Pacesetters in Electronic Voting

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Helsinki, 16 February, 2006 — It is possible to vote in advance via the Internet in the upcoming election for the council of OAJ, the Trade Union of Education in Finland. Electronic voting in advance will take place on the OAJ membership site, where a member can log in with a user name and password. User's can vote for candidates of his/her own election district. Advance voting takes place between 23 February and 5 March.

"If a member does not use the right to vote in advance, it is also possible to vote using the ballot boxes found in workplaces, i.e. in schools and institutes, between 20 and 21 March. Some of the membership groups will use postal votes. One hundred and fifty representatives will be elected for the council. There are 377 candidates and more than 90,000 voters," says Pekka Silkosuo, representative of OAJ.

SysOpen Digia plc has provided OAJ with a voting system that is a comprehensive solution for the arrangement, management and handling of election results. The system includes a comprehensive set of electoral concepts that make it possible to arrange different types of elections. The system also allows for different voting methods: advance voting, postal voting, ballot box voting and network voting, all of which are used in the OAJ voting system. The voting system has been integrated in the membership register system, and it also includes the handling and reporting of voting results.

SysOpen Digia's voting application has been widely used for several years in trade union elections from the setting of candidates to the calculation of results. The Internet voting section completes the solution and offers a cost-effective and speedy way of arranging different kinds of elections.

The secrecy of the polls is ensured by the browser's SSL/https encryption technology and OpenRules user management system, also supplied by SysOpen Digia. OpenRules operates as a one-time booking route to OAJ's network systems and handles user authentication and the management of user rights, for example, in the voting system. The results of the council election will be published in the network pages of the trade union on 23rd of March.

Contact information:

OAJ, Trade Union of Education in Finland
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Tel. +358 40 740 4928

SysOpen Digia Plc
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SysOpen Digia Plc
Jarkko Virtanen, Communications Director
Tel. +358 40 7593 603

OAJ, Trade Union of Education in Finland in brief
OAJ is the largest member organisation of AKAVA, the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland. The members of OAJ represent teachers at all levels from pre-school education to universities. Membership is 115,000. For further information, please visit

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