Research and Development Expenditure in Finland Grew in 2004

R&D statistics

Helsinki, 30 September, 2005 — Research and Development Expenditure in Finland Grew in 2004

Nearly EUR 5.3 billion was expended on research and development in 2004. R&D expenditure grew by five per cent, the corresponding change having been around four per cent in 2003. In numbers, the biggest part of the EUR 250 million annual growth, slightly over EUR 150 million, came from business enterprises. Despite this, enterprises' share of R&D expenditure fell slightly, to 70 per cent.

Growth was fastest in universities, the annual change in R&D expenditure being as much as eight per cent in nominal value and the expenditure exceeded EUR one billion. University sector now accounts for one fifth of all R&D expenditure, up by two percentage points from 2000. R&D expenditure of the other public sector returned in nominal value to the level of 2002 after having contracted in 2003.

The GDP share of R&D expenditure was 3.5 per cent in 2004. Relative to the economic resources, Finland\'s investment in R&D did not grow much from the previous year.

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