Self-Test Internet Campaign Scores a Hit with Youth

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Helsinki, 21 February, 2006 — Internet is not just fun and games. Children are reminded of the need to secure both oneself and the computer when navigating the web. Once you’ve put a photo of yourself on the Internet, you’ll no longer have any control over how it is used. Young people need to better understand this aspect of the Internet. The Save the Children Finland’s commissioned Internet campaigns directed to 6-12 year olds and Oon ihQ (I'm gorgeous - but not too much) especially for 12-15 year-olds.

The campaigns stem from Save the Children Finland’s 2002 safer Internet campaign for girls and the ad company that carries it out, Briffi.

Children and young adults readily took to the and there were some 57,500 responses to the campaign competition, where contestants had to explain why you should think about what sort of photos of yourself you put on the web. The responses indicated that young people already have a clear idea of the risks involved. The site received a total of 2,578,700 hits. The popularity of the campaign, which was funded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, came as a surprise to the organizers and companies backing it.

Young people can use the campaign website to test what is “ihQ”. The term comes from everyday youth slang. The target group was approached by running banner links on favourite websites, which took them to the ihQ site. Information was also selected from the campaign for use by teachers and educators, who have been able to use it in media teaching. Young people were themselves also active promoters of the campaign, with blogs taking the banner link to the test and the campaign website.

Partners cooperating in the ihQ project:
Demi, Dynamoid (Irc-galleria), Eniro Finland, Euraprint, One Stop, Pinssiset, Sulake Labs Oy (Habbo Hotel), Uutislehti 100, Zento Oy (, Curly.

Briiffi Ltd, Hannele Wolf-Mannila +358 400 522 595
Save the Children Finland, Riitta Kauppinen +358 40 561 9766
Save the Children Finland, Jussi Honkanen, +358 40 8228472

More information
http://www.Save the Children Finland