Finland: GPS control proposed for prisoners on parole

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Helsinki, 8 February, 2006 — As of October 2006 Finland will introduce a new controlled parole for prisoners. According to the Ministry of Justice, during controlled parole, a prisoner can live at home and is obligated to go to work, study, participate in rehabilitation or other treatment programmes. The Ministry working group proposes that the technical control of prisoners on controlled parole will be carried out via mobile phone positioning. Through GPS satellite positioning systems, a parolee can be located with an accuracy of 10 metres. According to the working group, mobile phone control costs less than a wrist device and does not brand its carrier. The cost of controlling 100 prisoners by mobile phone and related GPS technology is about EUR 50,000 a year. The cost of the more commonly used wrist device for 100 prisoners is EUR 370,000-570,000 a year.