Three New Academic Networks and Two Support Service Projects Launched Within the FVU

the eFinland Weblog

Helsinki, 27 February, 2006 — New academic Finnish Virtual University networks starting this year include a network for basic programming courses, a study programme on co-operatives and social economy called Co-op Studies, and a teaching network project on aquatic sciences. These new networks bring the number of FVU academic networks up to 28. All in all, the Ministry of Education will fund 42 virtual university projects this year, with the total funding remaining at the level of about nine million euros. This is the last year that the Ministry will be giving out separate funds for virtual university projects.

In total, the Ministry of Education has distributed 54 million euros of virtual university project funding during the period 2001-2006. Half of the total funding has been channeled to universities for internal distribution to virtual university activities according to their own priorities. The other half has been used by the Ministry of Education to fund selected national co-operative projects.

In addition to the academic networks of different disciplines (28), funding has been granted to nation-wide co-operative projects developing educational web-based tools for shared use by universities, as well as to produce nation-wide training and support services. Starting in 2006, new support service projects include the FVU academic affairs office project and a project called Competencies, Scoping and Monitoring of Web-Based Learning.

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