The Etno.Net Website for Practicing and Aspiring Folk Musicians Includes Recordings and Learning Material Packages

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Helsinki, 1 August, 2004 — The Etno.Net Website for Practicing and Aspiring Folk Musicians Includes Recordings and Learning Material Packages

The website presents the artistic, research, and pedagogical products of the Department of Folk Music, including recordings and learning material packages. The website is developed for practicing and aspiring folk musicians, and also for proficient amateurs.

"There is a wealth of information and skills at the Department of Folk Music, which cannot all be published in the form of records or other publications. provides the opportunity to present the entire scope of the Department's products, and the Internet is just the right media for presenting them", explains Juhani Näreharju, the initiator and director of the project.

The technical execution of was designed and produced by Kari Kääriäinen, who also shot and edited the videos on the website. The visual design is by artist Saga Suonio and graphic designer Jussi Kylliäinen. The recordings were made by professionals in the field.

"The website was created as a co-operative process, so we all also participated in the design. Juhani has been an excellent primus motor in the project: he has generated core ideas from the very start, and he has influenced the whole group's work, as well", says Kari Kääriäinen.

Innovative Pioneering Work

The format of the website is clear-cut and accessible. The visual features and the structure are the same throughout the site, so it is easy to add new information to the site, and the new elements can also be conveniently found. The website is seamlessly integrated with the basic educational tasks of the Sibelius Academy. In the future, it will be increasingly closely a part of the study curriculum of the Department of Folk Music.

" is a media for publishing main instrument and postgraduate degree concerts, student productions and pedagogical solutions. The website can also serve as a demo environment, for example, for preparatory work before publishing a record. Another aim is that students learn about the publication process and the different things involved in it. So it also has a pedagogical function", Juhani Näreharju points out. is a pioneer project at the Department of Folk Music. It has gained a lot of positive and enthusiastic feedback everywhere where it has been presented. It has also served as an exemplar for other departments at the Sibelius Academy: at present, they are also designing a research database presenting the research done at the Sibelius Academy. The provision offered by the itself is also being continually expanded.

"The new front page was published quite recently. Moreover, new innovative material will soon be available, including, e.g., educational material on folk dances. The aim is also to include an information database in the website, with brief presentations of the musicians and bands at the Department of Folk Music. Thus, the site could also help students get jobs", Kari Kääriäinen summarizes the main plans for the future.

The website wins Online Education Quality Award

The website, created by the Department of Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy, won the university series in this years' Online Education Quality Award granted by the Ministry of Education and the National Board of Education. The award of 5000 euros aims to promote the educational use of information and communication technology, and develop new methods to support teaching and learning.

Compliments: Finnish Virtual University, Arja Kangasniemi

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