YIT Corporation Chooses Elisa and Telenor to Provide Telecommunications Services in the Nordic Region

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Helsinki, 16 March, 2006 — YIT Corporation Chooses Elisa and Telenor to Provide Telecommunications Services in the Nordic Region

YIT has chosen the telecommunications partners Elisa and Telenor as the principal suppliers of its Nordic ICT services. In Finland, the service provider is Elisa and in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Telenor. The agreement is valid until mid-2009 and it covers wireless PBX, fixed network services, part of the mobile communications services and the Nordic MPLS data network.

Co-operation on the pan-Nordic level aims at synergy, technology transfer and a partnership on all fronts. The solution provided for YIT will be built on Intelligent Network (IN) technology, which makes it possible to integrate PBX, fixed line and mobile communications services into one system. In an international enterprise this allows users in several countries to access the system and also makes it possible to offer fixed line network PBX services to an ever-increasing number of mobile phone users. It will also be possible to build new service concepts on the IN infrastructure and carry out uniform service development projects in the Nordic region.

- When talking about high-volume purchases we look for partners who will make a real commitment with us to the development of group-level business solutions and systems. The Nordic ICT and business expertise of Elisa and Telenor will bring us definite cost benefits and synergies, says Tutu Wegelius-Lehtonen, Director for sourcing and logistics at YIT.

- The agreement with Elisa and Telenor supports cost-effective migration to a single-terminal operating model. The solution also creates the foundations for the development of new and more flexible ICT and telecommunications services in all of YIT's Nordic units, says Ilkka Kivisilta, Account Manager at Elisa.

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YIT Corporation, Mr Pekka Kotiranta, IT Manager, CIO’s Office
tel. +358 50 390 1508, firstname.lastname@yit.fi

YIT Corporation, Ms Tutu Wegelius-Lehtonen, Director, Sourcing
tel. +358 40 705 1286, firstname.lastname@yit.fi

Elisa Corporation, Mr Ilkka Kivisilta, Account Manager
tel. +358 10 262 2722, firstname.lastname@elisa.fi

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