Aim: By the Year 2010 Finland One of the Three Most Successful Countries in the World

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Helsinki, 12 July, 2005 — Aim: By the Year 2010 Finland One of the Three Most Successful Countries in the World

Finland 2015 programme of the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (Sitra) aimed to develop the knowledge, skills, and networks of decision-makers in our society so that they can handle the challenges facing Finland in the future. It is Sitra’s vision that by the year 2010 Finland will be one of the three most successful countries in the world.

One of the six courses forming the Finland 2015 programme was “Future Makers 2015” bringing together a group of young people from different economic, social and cultural backgrounds to find out how we see the future of Finland and the Finnish people. Besides the completed or ongoing university studies we had nothing in common, except that we had been born after 1968.

We promoted the necessity of immigrants for Finland. Finland needs immigrants for cultural diversity that brings about creativity and dynamics. We identified that the work of tomorrow will have totally different meaning than the work yesterday as the ways to work change dramatically. The aging population creates a necessity to analyse the concept of welfare society from a new perspective. We asked what kind of structures will best secure the provision of welfare services in an efficient manner. We also identified the need to prevent social exclusion and to increase ways for people to take part in civil society. The role of the third sector is pivotal in this sense.

Finally, we also acknowledged that Finland does not exist in a vacuum but is part of the global systems and hence issues like, the EU, globalization, human rights, fair world trade and environment are important also for Finland and the Finnish people.

The writer, Ulla Hyttiworks as Research Manager in Small Business Institute of Turku School of Economics and Business Administration.

The article is published in ICT Cluster Finland Review 2005.

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