Navicore Has Launched New Online Shop for Easy Updates of Its Award-Winning Mobile Phone-Based GPS Solution

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Helsinki, 13 February, 2006 — Mobile navigation software provider, Finnish Navicore, has opened a new online shop designed to help users update and upgrade their Navicore Personal products with total ease. The new online shop will offer consumers fast and affordable way to get map updates (i.e. new versions of the same geographical area) and extensions (i.e. maps covering new regions).

Existing Navicore users in the UK can now upgrade their products to the 2006/1 version of Navicore Personal to take advantage of whole range of new features, including: free traffic information and dynamic routing, full postal code support, safety camera downloads and updated Tele Atlas maps. The upgrade is available for 61.00 (inc VAT) on a MMC memory card or 54.00 (inc VAT) on CD-ROM.

In addition to map updates, the online shop offers consumers a single source for service and software downloads which come useful, for example, where a phone has been changed, lost or stolen it offers a convenient and guaranteed backup for users.

The products will be available to order either pre-installed on memory cards or on CD-ROM. Memory card distribution makes updating and extending maps simple as all users need to do is insert the new memory card in their phones and away they go. Consumers who already have a memory card can order new software and new maps on a CD-ROM. Memory cards and CD-ROMs can be ordered either using traditional mail delivery or as express service via courier.

About Navicore
Navicore is a provider of interactive navigation products for smart phones which is one of the fastest growing categories in the booming navigation market. Navicore software together with a GPS turns your existing or new smart phone to be a fully functional navigator which is always with you. Smart phone based solution provide the most convenient and easiest way to navigate while driving a car, cycling or walking. Navicore products are today sold in 16 countries across Europe.

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