Finnish R&D Expenditure Grew by 250 Million Euro in 2004

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Helsinki, 28 November, 2005 — Finnish R&D Expenditure Grew by 250 Million Euro in 2004

The most recent figures on research and development (R&D) published by Statistics Finland show that in 2004, the country's investment increased by 250 million euro to a total of nearly 5.3 billion euro.

This represents an annual growth in research expenditure of five per cent, up slightly from four per cent the previous year. Overall, however, the figures reveal that the share of GDP that Finland spends on research remained steady at 3.5 per cent, up only fractionally from 2003.

The sector that contributed most to the 250 million euro increase was business, which raised its total R&D spend by 150 million euro. Despite this, however, the private sector share of R&D expenditure fell slightly, to just over 70 per cent.

In a breakdown of business spending on R&D by sector, the statistics show that by far the biggest investor in research is the electrical and optical equipment sector, which contributed nearly 2.1 billion euro to the private sector total of 3.7 billion euro. By comparison, the next highest industry investor was the machinery and equipment sector, with 273 million euro.

Finally, the figures also reveal that Finland has more than 40,000 R&D personnel in the workforce (including 27,000 researchers), of which some 22 per cent (9,000) are women.

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