Finland: Online purchases becoming more versatile

eBusiness news

Helsinki, 21 February, 2006 — According to Statistics Finland, consumers making purchases on the Internet more and more often buy products from different product groups. In the autumn of 2005, every third consumer in Finland who bought products online, only bought products from one product group. In the early years of Internet trading, customers mainly purchased books and magazines. Sales of these have remained almost unchanged, while hotel reservations and ticket sales have increased. They now account for about 35%-40% of online purchases. Also sales of clothing and shoes have increased. In the autumn of 2000, four out of five online purchases in Finland were goods, but in the autumn of 2005, only two thirds. In the spring of 2004, over 40%, and in the autumn of 2005, almost 60% of those who purchased online had made at least three purchases in that year. In Finland, consumers buy more material goods online than in the other Nordic countries on average.

Mail order sales have not decreased as a result of online trading. In the autumn of 2005, about 28% of Finns in the age group 15 to 74 had ordered something from a mail order company in the past three months. Of the respondents, 19% had ordered products or services themselves by telephone, and 12% had ordered after a call from a telesales person. Mail order purchases have remained almost unchanged for the past 3 years.